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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Book 4 - Stand Up Put Downs

Book - Stand Up Put Downs
Author - Rufus Hound
Year - 2011
Genre - Comedy
Pages - 126

Amazon had a bit of a sale in the new year, and as a result, this book was knocked down to a couple of quid.  I love a bit of stand up comedy, and thought that a book such as this might make a nice bit of light reading.

The basic premise is that Rufus Hound has collected together as many responses to hecklers as he can and put them together in one place.  They are all linked together with some pretty rough attempts at a through line from Hound - every fifteen or so pages he comes out with some stuff about different types of hecklers, or how it feels to be heckled - and some pages with a story from a comedian detailing an incident that they have dealt with in regards to hecklers.  But it is of course a book based mainly on reading the comments that comedians have managed to come up with.  There are loads of people credited - old favourites such as Arthur Smith, Steve Martin and Bill Hicks, comedy circuit darlings such as Richard Herring, Andre Vincent and Adam Bloom, and even people who must just be Hound's mates, such as Brendan Dodds whose main claim to fame is being chucked out of Pappys a few years back.

Overall the whole thing is funny.  A bit silly, and not particularly long, but worth a check for a chuckle.  Especially if Amazon are practically giving them away.


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