Having just missed one hundred books in the first year of The Book Challenge, in 2010, I made the full tonne. Still reading, but without the challenge, take a look at the reviews for the books that I have read this year.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Book 43 - Mort

Book - Mort
Author - Terry Pratchett
Year - 1987
Genre - Fantasy
Pages - 316
Series - Discworld

The fourth in the Discworld series, Mort is generally considered one of the best of the lot, even appearing on the BBC's list of the hundred greatest books a few years back.  I have enjoyed the series so far, and have been looking forward to getting started on this one.

Death appears as a character in several of the books, and he is definitely one of the most interesting characters.  This book follows his adoption of an apprentice - the eponymous Mort - and how this affects their lives, and that of the Discworld.

All of the books of the series that I have read so far have been excellent and incredibly funny.  But I would definitely agree that this is the best of the bunch as of yet.  It sacrifices a few of the laughs in order to create a fantastic story, but still remains in Pratchett's trademark humourous style throughout.  Exploring the already brilliant character of Death is a great idea, and equally the other characters introduced here - particularly Mort - are great.

Discworld is a massive series, with so many books to it, and I am pleased that I still have plenty of reading ahead of me.  Roll on the next one.


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