Having just missed one hundred books in the first year of The Book Challenge, in 2010, I made the full tonne. Still reading, but without the challenge, take a look at the reviews for the books that I have read this year.

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Book 97 - Heart of Darkness

Book - Heart of Darkness
Author - Joseph Conrad
Year - 1902
Genre - Fiction

Right at the beginning of the year I discovered the Penguin Classics range in which you can buy loads of different classic books for just two pounds each.  I quickly bought The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as it was the show I was rehearsing at the time, The Great Gatsby as it is probably the first book that I think of when I think of a classic piece of literature, and lastly this book, Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness, because... well, I don't know why, but three seemed like a good number of books to buy at that time.

Unfortunately, this was the worst of the three in my eyes.  A couple of times this year I had picked it up and read the first couple of pages, only to be distracted by a different book, but in the end I decided to sit down and blitz it.  The most interesting thing to note at the beginning, is that it starts in Erith, a local town to me that's only other claim to fame is... well, nothing really.  It is here that Marlowe starts his story of his time in the Congo which forms the basis of the book.  Every now and then we return to the ship that Marlowe is telling the story from, and it is mildly distracting, but the story itself didn't hold my interest very much at all - Marlowe finds himself a job as skipper on a steamboat in the Congo as he thinks it would be an interesting place to go, and meets the mysterious Kurtz there.  I am aware that it is a book held in high regard in many quarters, but it wasn't something that I could bring myself to enjoy too much.  Too often the sentences seemed to go nowhere, and overall, I was pretty disappointed in the writing style of a man considered a great of British literature.


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