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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Book 71 - The Red Pyramid

Book - The Red Pyramid
Author - Rick Riordan
Year - 2010
Genre - Fantasy

Rick Riordan is not a writer I had read before this year, and now I am writing up my sixth book of his, taken from the second of his series, on the day that the first book of his latest series is released (read it again, it does make sense - just).

Where do you go having just finished a very successful series based around the concept of the gods of the Ancient Greeks still being alive and flourishing?  Obviously, decide that in the very same universe Ancient Egyptian gods are also alive and flourishing and base your next series there. 

Told through the device of a transcripted audio recording, the action is able to switch between the two principal characters, Carter and Sadie, as they discover the secrets of the Egyptian world that is still all around them.  This is an interesting way to introduce the relationship between this brother and sister pair, and works incredibly well to showcase their love/hate dynamic, which fundamentally forms the basis of the book.

But of course the true focus, much like Riordan's Percy Jackson series, is the connecting of our current world with that of the Ancient Egyptians.  Gods you will have probably heard of like Horus, Isis and... some others, are there alongside gods slightly lesser known such as the hugely featured Bast - God of Cats.

It is incredible fun, and in trademark style, Riordan manages to fit in an incredible amount of action over the course of the five hundred odd pages, so that you feel you have read a whole series in one go.

It is pure coincidence that today also happens to be the release date of the first book of the follow up series to Percy Jackson - The Lost Hero.  I shall be grabbing that as soon as I can I think.  At a current release rate of between one and two a year, Riordan is pretty prolific - and in a very good way - so there should be some more of this excellent series to read pretty soon.


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