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Friday, 4 June 2010

Book 37 - Anthropology

Book - Anthropology
Author - Dan Rhodes
Year - 2000
Genre - Micro Stories/Humour

I always worry a little as to what constitutes an acceptable book for this challenge.  I blogged before about rereads and how acceptable they are (very acceptable was the decision), but the length of a book is always a worry with me.  Books like the last Harry Potter book I read at 610 pages was obviously fine, as are books auch as - for example - The Great Gatsby which I will be soon reading at 181 pages.  However my slightly tongue in cheek review of Mr Tall was part of the blog, but obviously not part of the challenge.

I suppose all of this is really just a precursor to saying that this book was really short.  I was through it in a couple of hours.  Should I include it as another book?  Well, I decided I only would if I could do it without feeling guilty and as though I was cheating.  It's brilliant , I don't, so it's in.

It is effectively a book of 101 page long stories about love.  And they are ridiculous.  And pretty dark.  Maybe the best way to describe it is to put one down.

'My girlfriend enjoys showing off in front of foreigners, and when we met a Greek ub a restaurant she swung from a ceiling fan.  Amused, he increased its speed and she flew off, cracking her head on the floor.  The Greek felt he should accept responsibility for her passing, and tries hard to compensate for my having lost such a lovely girl.  Every month he sends drachmas or gold.  My new wife feels funny about it, but that doesn't stop her spending it all on pretty dresses and paint for her face.  She calls it her dead girl money.'

Many of them are along these lines, so pretty dark as I say, but several times I laughed out loud nonetheless.  From the back of this is would be massively interested in reading more of Dan Rhodes' work.


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  1. Thanks for posting on my blog - and for putting me up on the Other Sites list. You'll have seen that I'm off to Switzerland very VERY soon, which is really exciting BUT I'm going to be working on a different book (working title Samuel Palmer's Moon) while there and I'm desperately trying to finish Walking Mountain or at least the current draft before I go. But I may be pushing into crazy land here. I found myself madly typing (while giggling) the following sentences:

    A rapidly approaching yodel interrupted him. He looked up just in time to catch an ample bosom in the face.

    Bit worrying ...