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Friday, 4 June 2010

Book 36 - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Book - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Author - JK Rowling
Year - 2005
Genre - Fantasy

Having spent a little time fitting in very little reading due to our production of Rent (It went very well thank you very much) I decided to get back on the wagon by following up on the next in the Harry Potter series.  The books are so readable that even at a little over six hundred pages it is possible to devour it in just over a day.

I don't want to write a detailed review of the plot of the book - there is very little I could say that most people won't have already heard a hundred times over - but suffice to say if you haven't read the books, and are someone who reads my blog so must have seen the past five reviews I have done on the series where I prompted you to do so, then you are very silly and need to contact me so that I can start lending them to you.

The one thing I do want to mention with regards to HP6 (oh yes, I know the lingo) is that it is not quite the book I thought it was.  I have always regarded it as one of the best books in the series, but before reading I was hard pressed to remember anything of note that happened during the bulk of the story.  Upon rereading, I noticed that actually, this is because not a lot happens.  I have always thought of Order of the Phoenix as being the book which is made up primarily of explainations of why things are as they are, and lengthy conversations about history, but it turns out that this book is stuffed full of them too.  Admittedly, they are all massively interesting revelations, and the book does not suffer for it - Rowling evidently improved off the back of what is widely agreed as the weakest book of the series in book five in time for this one - but it is interesting to note.

In summary, if you haven't read Harry Potter, read Harry Potter.  If you have read Harry Potter, read Harry Potter again.


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