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Monday, 12 April 2010

Book 24 - Fool Moon

Book - Fool Moon
Author - Jim Butcher
Year - 2001
Genre - Fantasy Detective
Series - The Dresden Files
Bought for me by Rob Hyde

One of the new series that I have started reading this year is The Dresden Files featuring wizarding detective Harry Dresden.  The first book, Storm Front, which I reviewed last month indroduces him fighting an evil dark wizard.  In this second book, he is back and fighting werewolves.

With a set up such as the book has, it would be easy to discard it as a fun, but throwaway novel - stick some magic, and some big hairy man-wolves in there, and the blokes will be sorted - and to a certain extent, no matter how much I enjoyed the first book, that is what I did.  This would be a massive mistake however.  The twists are fantastic, the tension that is built up is phenomenal, and in only two books Butcher has already introduced upward of a dozen recurring characters that I feel I know a lot about, and have feelings about.

When I had written the blog on the first book, Rob - who bought the first two books for me at Christmas - made a comment that my score of 9/10 was a little high, just because it doesn't leave enough scope for the later books in the series.  On the basis of this second book, he may well have been right.


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  1. Awaesome, glad you liked it dude. Although you may have to extend your scale because it gets better!
    I also love the fact they are so damned readable, I'll finish a Dresden book much quicker than most others because the chapters are addictive.