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Friday, 2 April 2010

Book 19 - The Fall

Book - The Fall
Author - Garth Nix
Year - 2000
Genre - Young Adult/Fantasy
Series - The Seventh Tower

I have already mentioned in my blog how I am a fan of Science Fantasy, and of Young Adult Science Fantasy as well.  Garth Nix is, in my eyes, one of the most underrated authors of this genre.  Some of his books, such as Sabriel and The Keys To The Kingdom series are absolutely screaming out to be made into films, and I am not sure why - to the best of my knowledge - they as of yet haven't.  So I was pleased to find this book - the first of The Seventh Tower series.  I thought it would be a great new series of his to get started on.

Unfortunately, it isn't quite as good as I hoped.  Following Tal, a thirteen year old 'Chosen' who manages to get into some trouble with the higher ups of his world, and finds himself falling from the top of a massive tower.  The book is split into two halves, the first charting how he got there, and the second charting what happens after.  As ever, Nix creates a wonderful world, and where The Keys To The Kingdom focuses on a world based around time and the seven days of the week, The Seventh Tower focuses on a world of light and the seven colours of the spectrum.  However, the book - whilst being not terrible by any means - is not the most gripping of stories ever, and the last quarter in particular being a bit of a drag.  It's not a tough read, and hopefully the series will improve, but for now, not the greatest book I've ever read.


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