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Friday, 2 April 2010

Book 18 - K-PAX

Book - K-PAX
Author - Gene Brewer
Year - 1995
Genre - Fiction (with a bit of Sci-Fi)

This was a random book I pulled off of a shelf in a charity shop recently based purely on the fact that I knew that a film had been made of it with Kevin Bacon in, and was something to do with an alien.  This was all I knew about it, but seeing as my knowledge of cinema is nothing to boast about, it seemed a good enough basis to spend out 50p on a book.

K-PAX is written from the point of view of a psychiatrist who is presented with a case of a delusional man who believes himself to be a visitor from another planet - the eponymous K-PAX.  The book follows the doctor as he tries to find out more about his patient, and as the patient himself - 'prot' as he calls himself, lower case first letter and all - tries to find out more about the world that he has ended up on, our very own Earth.

The strength of the book lies in the strength of the two main characters.  Dr Brewer has nearly as many issues as most of his patients, but will coolly refer to them in a professional manner whenever they arise.  For his part, prot is a character that is instantly likable, and throughout the whole book ambiguous enough to keep the overall story arc an incredibly page turning quality.

I was expecting this to be a bit of a throwaway sci-fi-ish novel that I would be mildly entertained by, but not really remember much about just a few months down the line.  Instead I found a clever and interesting book which once I found out there are two sequals to, meant that I would probably be thinking about for a while to come.


Find the author, Gene Brewer's website here.

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